Digital Marketing For Financial Advisers

Our expert-led digital marketing can help your firm grow the online authority it needs to gain a competitive edge both locally and nationally.

Those searching for a financial adviser online will be reviewing your services with a particularly critical eye – if you are to be trusted with a clients’ money, your online presence also needs to be authoritative and trustworthy. 

Search engines have the same standards, rewarding websites with well-informed, valuable and easy-to-understand content on complex subjects such as financial planning. 

At Sharla Digital, we focus on organic digital marketing channels including SEO, content marketing and social media marketing to grow your website’s authority, attract traffic and convert leads. 

Our affordable digital marketing packages focus on building long-term growth, rather than expensive paid advertising, where financial planning keywords demand eye-wateringly high cost-per-clicks.

Increase Your Online Authority & Grow Your Client Base With Expert SEO For Financial Advisers

Our ‘Done For You’ SEO packages are led by experts in your niche to help form a bespoke digital strategy designed to attract your ideal clients.

We use a combination of data-driven techniques, from technical SEO to link building using exceptional quality content, to ensure your website and brand has the edge among your competitors –

  • Rank higher for relevant searches
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Grow your brand’s awareness and reputation
  • Generate relevant leads
  • Expand your client base
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SEO For Financial Advisers

Google Sets A High Standard For Financial Planning Content

Financial Adviser and wealth planner websites are listed under what Google calls Your Money Or Your Life – or YMYL – content. This is content which is categorised as needing to come from a trusted and authoritative source due to the potentially harmful effect of the content if it is false (such as medical advice, disinformation in the news etc.)

Because of this, content on an IFA or financial advisory firm’s website needs to be of exceptional quality and stick to Google’s high E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) standards.

Sharla Digital’s expertise in your niche and strategy-led content marketing will help your brand grow with knowledgeable, relevant and articulate content to meet the needs of your target audience and grow your client base.

Instantly book a 30 minute call and let’s talk about growing your brand with expert-level digital marketing.

Our Financial Advisor Marketing Services Include:

SEO For Financial Advisers

Our SEO packages will create a bespoke SEO strategy which utilises a blend of techniques, with no spiralling costs or unexpected add-on services. 

Led by experts in marketing for financial advisory services, our SEO work covers:


Our strategic starting point, we will audit and report on every aspect of your online presence on which to build a solid SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

We will then research the keywords you want to rank for, and uncover those keyword opportunities you may not have even thought of!

On-Page SEO

We will test, analyse and optimise core pages on your site and ensure you are capturing as much organic audience as possible.

Technical SEO

This is what happens ‘under the hood’ of your website to ensure all the technical aspects of the site are in place to perform well on Google.

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

Using a range of techniques, we can help build a relevant and high-quality website to help you rank higher for competitive keywords.

Local SEO

Rank for those all-important ‘near me’ and location searches and grow your local client base.

Expert Content Marketing For Financial Advisers

Content Plans

Based on extensive research and data in your niche, Sharla will present regular plans of content creation designed to hit KPIs and improve on your competitors.


We craft the copy your clients want to read, breaking down complicated concepts and building your website’s authority.

Social Media Marketing For Financial Advisers

Be seen where your clients spend their time with our strategy-led social media marketing. Share insights, update your audience with new services and financial news, build your brand and attract clients.

Social Media Management

We will build a unique strategy, craft posting plans for your best-performing platforms, schedule content across your social media presence and build relationships.

LinkedIn Marketing

With over 30 million active UK users, LinkedIn is a powerful lead generating platform for B2B businesses and professional services. We can build your presence on LinkedIn and run targeted advertising campaigns.

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